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As an investor, what information would you like for a wholesaler to have prepared when coming to you with a deal?

I like to only have price and address, we do are own home work. This way we are not moved or guided by there info.

That's good to know Sydney. I assume every investor is different in terms of what they want.

While a simple price and address may do well for some, think about the benefits of adding a wealth of knowledge about the property for the prospective buyer.

Add as much credibility as you can. I think wholesalers can quickly get a bad reputation with bad numbers and a lack of professionalism.

Why not go above and beyond.

Include things like:

1. Property info and description (listing ticket stuff)
2. Tax information
3. Google maps link
4. Recent sales (comps)
5. Scope of work - detailed repaired estimate of work that needs to be done.
6. Square footage sheet. (Layout)
7. Financials
8. Pictures and video
Etc etc.

This will definitely separate you from the rest. Make sure the numbers and info are accurate and you'll have buyers lining up every time you have a new house under contract.

Thanks @Princess Anujulu .

I figure it's good to give back when you can. :)

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