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hi BP

someone left me a message this morning, and I didn't answer I was out whit my daughter (to remind you it's such a beautiful day so I figure what is better then spending time whit your family on this day,) so when I got home I call him back and we was talking nice until he bring up how much my offer is. I told him you never told me anything yet about the house how do you want me to know to offer you? he reply well you send this post card whit my address (but to remind you he is screaming on the phone) so I said yes I did. but I still don't know how many rooms there is and bath and sqft etc.etc....

so I told him I am sorry for the postcard it won't happen again and he hang up.

this phone call got me all bend out of shape today made me feel like I was worthless.

my question is he called on my cell phone what is the best way to screed these callers out?

I was thinking website on my postcards and business cards, also to leave a number on my postcards that directs them to a voicemail explaining what I do.

if you guys can point in the right direction to get all of these that will be great (also keep in mind I am not a computer wiz)

thanks for any help

Hey @Walter Thompson

I'd setup a Google Voice account (free) if you're concerned with someone having your personal cell. At first it does make you feel a little awkward but as you receive more calls from angry callers you'll realize they don't have anything better to do.

A few weeks ago a gentleman went ballistic (screaming, cursing, etc.) on me to the point where he had to catch his breath. I asked him, "do you call domino's back when they send you a flyer?" he paused and said "....................SOMETIMES?!?" I had to chuckle.

Don't sweat it. Stay composed and be respectful.


Originally posted by @Walter Thompson :
this phone call got me all bend out of shape today made me feel like I was worthless.

If that got you bent out of shape, you should evaluate if you are in the right business.

Answer might be "yes", but think about it.

I think changing the way it effects you is the best way to deal with this.

You can't screen out anger. You are looking for motivated sellers at below market prices. If you want calm sellers, be willing to pay market rates or above.

@Walter Thompson so you made the seller an offer on a house you had not seen when you called him back? You researched the house before you called him, right? You need to get him to name a price as best you can first. Ask questions to find out motivation, so you can either continue or end the phone call. If you really know the area you might be in the ballpark with the price. But let the seller know that without seeing the house that number can fluctuate. Always be respectful and don't argue with them, if nothing else hang up if you need to.

Some people are just angry. Don't let it get to you. Your cell phone is a very powerful tool learn how to use it and you will benefit.

thank you guys for the replys and the support.

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