Uploading probate lists - getting names right?

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I think I've got a pretty good list of probate leads now, and I want to use a commercial service (yellowletters.com or click2mail) to send them off, but I can't seem to get a clear answer about the best way to upload the list and have the names of the estate or executor look ok (sometimes both are in the same field) while not having to manually edit hundreds of leads. I know probate leads are very sensitive, and I think it could be a deal killer to get names wrong or (as one company suggested) address people simply as "homeowner".

I appreciate any advice. Thanks so much.

@Jose Ceja I think with excel you can have the program recognize where there are first and last names in the same field and separate them. For how to do that you'll have to ask a computer whiz or google/youtube.

This can be very tricky to do with a function. If the names are always in LastName, FirstName format (Smith, Joe) you can use You can use Data | Text to Columns and use the Comma to separate the data into different columns.

However many times I have seen a mixture of how the name is entered...

Joe Smith

Smith Joe

Smith, Joe



Sure you could split by a space, but what a happens when a last name has a space like Van Wilder?

I can't see your data so I can not recommend the best approach though.

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