How to Deal With Neighboring Dogs When Showing a Wholesale?

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I have a duplex to start showing that has been vacant for sometime. The dogs in the tall fenced yard next door go crazy when I come over, or bring sewer scope inspector, etc.

Having the dogs aggressively barking when I bring a buyer over wont be helpful. I'm torn on whether to toss dogs snacks over the fence, or perhaps rat poison instead, but that wouldn't be very neighborly so I purchased dog snacks instead this evening. I thought dog whistles were just to make dogs bark, so you could tell where they were, before buying a property, or tenants hiding dogs. The problem dogs around this property have already identified themselves, though.

I am reluctant to speak to the owner, as he might provide information about the property I would just as soon not know, and aren't part of my due diligence. He also has apparently offered to buy the property from the owners and would just as soon keep him out of it. What is a better way to deal with dogs on the showings? I believe they will get used to having people live there again, and the new tenants, after time.

Most "I'll buy it" neighbors aren't serious but maybe offer it to them and see if they are serious.

Don't poison a dog. Lots of areas have loud barking dogs, my fourplex has them. They chill out when they are used to the same person most of the time. Just new visitors makes them go bonkers.

Treat it like its nothing, until your buyer treats it like an issue.

I have barking dogs on both sides of my current property. Of the 3 dogs, biscuits worked with two. The third dog is white and small and really agressive.

Privacy fence went up today. I'll be interested in seeing if the little white one feels less threatened.


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