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Hello, I am new at wholesaling and I am wondering per your experience, what marketing strategy is working right now for you? I realize every market is different and people respond to different things, but if I could get a consensus of what is working I can plan my marketing strategy. Thank you to everyone in advance.

It really depends on your personality and what works for you. @Sharon Vornholt is a wholesaler and has had great success with direct mail marketing. She's done a lot of write-ups on the subject on the BP blog. Hope that helps!

Yeah Miguel, it's like @Rachel H. says, it's depends on your personality, your area, and what works for you.  Either way, be consistent with it and after a long enough time to honestly evaluate your marketing effort, either continue it or stop it, ie...green light/red light.

@Sharon Vornholt is an awesome source for wholesaling ideas and marketing. 

Another very good source who is in Cali near you is @Brian Gibbons  


Thanks for the info @Rachel H.

and @Chavel Diaz Jr - What i wanted is to just get an idea of what people are doing so that way I can choose what suits my personality...Just curious.

For me Driving for Dollars (DD), Property Locators (Birddogs), Marketing to other Wholesalers,  Cold-Calling, Code Violators (CV's), Absentee's, and Probates work for me. Don't work for me, Marketing to Realtors and Bandit Signs.

On my LO marketing, who different ball of wax...

But that's for me, my area, and kharma..Check and network with locals and they'll give you an idea what works in your part of the country...


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