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Hi John,

Welcome to BP!

You already found the best spot to find the best information about wholesaling, BP! I might suggest not setting a date to "start wholesaling" because you should be starting today and you never know when that first potential deal is going to come your way. I would spend a lot of time on BP, reading previous threads, asking questions, listening to the podcast, etc. Then, when you feel like you're ready, get started.

Best of luck!


@John O'Keeffe  

Welcome to the community sir.

Quite honestly, you have already found THE BEST source of information right here on BP.

Sure, there are other sits and Youtube channels that offer some education, BUT by far BP has the most densely pack information in all of the internets ( 'Murica)

Good luck!

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As those who posted before me, there is a wealth of information on this site.

In addition to that, there are 3 NJ investor meet-ups that I know about and attend as well (where you can network with other NJ investors and get NJ specific information).

There is NJRESN that is in Garwood (this is by far the biggest and most well known of the 3). Then there is the NJREIA and NJREIC. All 3 are once a month and very useful. 

What part of New Jersey are you looking to wholesale in?

I would recommend a structured education (as best you can) and just start marketing. When you have the right deal in NJ, everything will come into place, trust me. Don't sit too long trying to learn everything, its impossible. Just get a deal under contract and that is where the fun begins!

Hey @Shawn M.

When and where is it? I'm going to the NJ REI meetup on Tuesday the 2nd of September. But I'd like to go to that one as well. I live in Paramus, NJ and work in the City.

I am looking to work in northern NJ staying mostly in the cities just west of the Hudson and then shooting west along rt 80 and rt 4.

@John O'Keeffe   I would suggest downloading and listening to every BP Podcast that has the word wholesaling in the title. The featured guests always give a wealth of information that anyone looking to wholesale could use.

@John O'Keeffe  good to hear you work in the city, that means no excuses for missing next event! jk 

I do not think next event has been determined yet,  normally it is the second or third tuesday of each month.  Its a great event because it literally is Bigger Pockets live, no upsale, no "must have" promotions, just networking and knowledge.  Nice bar as well :)