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Hello to all,

Let me introduce my self first. My name is Raul Salmeron and I wanted to say thank you for all the info you all share. I have also gained a lot information in order to take action and put together a game plan in order to start my investing career into real estate. Please help me with the following questions..?

1-I will greatly appreciated if anybody knows any good/affordable real estate attorney that can help me review some contracts and put my business entity in place in order to start wholesaling (I am located in Hyattsville Maryland)...? 

2- Good Tittle company that is investor friendly and do double closing (If needed).?

3- Any hard money lender with low interest rates or private loan companies investors friendly as well.?

4- Real Estate Accountant..?

5- Real Estate Agent..?

I am very excited to start this business since I have been always very passionate about real estate and even now I am working for a multi-family real estate company as an Administrative Assistant and a Leasing Consultant. I will greatly appreciate if anybody has anyone that knows all about real estate. Thanks in advance and I wish you the best in your future investment.

Hey bud, I am too far away to be any help, but welcome to BP.  Be sure to read through the Learn section above, and set some key word alerts for areas or items of interest like "Maryland" or "team"  Good luck.

Thanks for your reply Jerry .

@Raul Salmeron 

welcome to the site.

Welcome to BP. My daughter lives in Hyattsville and we just moved to MD from Italy. Sorry can't help with contacts as we are new to the area, but good luck.

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