Real estate apprentice?

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Is there any Real Estate investors in the San Antonio metro area that are looking for an apprentice or assistant? I am currently looking for a way to start off by wholesaling but I am seeking a mentor if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Visit your local REIAs. Take people to lunch. That has been my best bet. It gets people recognizing you - even if you're not doing anything - it shows you've got initiative. By taking people to lunch its very personal.

Do some more research into wholesaling and how easy it is; or isn't. The gurus really push it because, yes, you can get into real estate with no money, but it certainly isn't easy when your neighbor doesn't sell you their inherited dilapidated property for a 70% discount.

Originally posted by @Danny Benavides:

Be aware that what many people call 'wholesaling' is actually bird-dogging. Real wholesaler have the ability to structure, fund and close on a deal. 

Putting a property under contract to buy only to hope and pray that you can find a buyer is often an unethical practice if the principal seller doesn't know you can't perform yourself.

Perhaps your objective is to become a finder. That's another term for a bird-dog or lead generator; someone who is an initial point of contact with a principal (someone who has the capacity or standing to sell something that they own or control).

Your best prospects for finding guidance is to begin studying real estate fundamentals like title research, comp values as well as sales so that you better understand the situations of the would-be sellers you encounter. 

Unless you're willing to invest time in your education, why should a mentor invest their time in you?

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