Finding Serious Buyers and Sellers

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I have tons of good property don't want it sent it all over the internet want to be direct with buyers and sellers how is that possible when you don't know who is who and everyone who claims to be investors or sellers are only wholesalers looking for properties how do you weed them out.

Why do you need sellers if you have "tons of good property"?

The buyer's list how to thread is aimed at wholesalers, but is relevant if you truly have good deals.

Hopefully there are no words like tape, NCND, "direct to seller", LOI, POF and other such buzz words involved.

Most of the buyers want off market properties which is so hard to find nine times out of 10 they are on the MLS and most buyers will not touch them so I find it hard to find buyers sellers well pretty much the same but craigslist is tainted as well as other REI classifieds

If you have tons of good property that is on the MLS, what is making you different from any other real estate agent in the area working off the MLS? Maybe I'm not understanding the question; but if your properties are all listed, then the investors you're trying to identify are probably already seeing the same properties you are.

Good question what makes me different from the rest? Well let's see I do all my leg work I pick up the phone and communicate with my sellers and buyers I am direct to everyone I come across communication is the key in this business. I work under my LLC and I work morning noon and night into the wee hours when others are sleeping I am working. Agents Brokers are good to work with I have work with a few and working with one now. In texas. so my properties I have are not listed for they come direct from sellers. I am not the lazy one I work my *** off and go out and find sellers or crawl websites for sellers my tactics work for me and I find some of the best. I don't deal with wholesalers in this business I like to be direct me and my business partner Chris Baustert. I am personally sick of the daisy chain fluff the deal killers. So I am totally different I don't blast all the time and have seen list all over the internet and I always ask permission before I blast anything and if a seller tells me know then I take it to my buyer I have my buyers sign my NCND before anything goes out. I am not greedy to this business I am very focused on where I want to be 3 years going in. And still going strong. Most of the time a seller will list their properties on the MLS because they want to sell quicker I have seen it done so with that being said propeties are blasted everywhere but I guaranty the list I have no one have seen or heard of the seller. Hell everyone knows Mr. Phillip Carter awesome seller and texas is a hot market get that list updated daily. So when it hits the internet I have no control over who has it seen it MLS. I know I do business my way no other way.

How is this an "Investor Deal Diary" thread?

@Jon Holdman   Don't you mods police these kinds of threads and move them to the appropriate section?  This one strikes me as needing to be in the Starting Out area....

Thanks everyone for the responses have a awesome week.

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Thanks Luke for that information But I think I will stay in my bigger pocket market 

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