FSBO Lead Generation

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know any companies in Central Mass that provide lead generation services for FSBO and For Rent property owners? I'm looking to receive lists of FSBOs in my area. I've found a number of companies that provide this service, but none that seem to have adequate lists to provide. One of them said they had 17 FSBOs since September... I am looking for something a little more substantial. 30 a week or so.


Originally posted by @William Robison :

Hire a VA to comb all of the different sources and create your own list. More up to date and not sold to a bunch of other people.

Hi can you please be a little but more specific? Like what are the dofferent sources that a VA would comb through? Thank you for your help

I work with Landvoice and we provide FSBO leads. If you have certain counties that you would like to work with, I would be more than happy to let you know how many leads we can pull up in those ares. You can also call me directly.