wholesaling new jersey help

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Hello Biggerpockets community.

I am a new wholesaler in parsippany New Jersey which is in morris county.

i am building a list with listsource and would like some advice.

Should i target/avoid nicer more well to do towns (summit,verona,springfield) or should I target less well off areas (orange, east orange, paterson, irvington)

I would like any advice that will land me the most leads.

any advice will be appreciated and I look forward to further discussion

I'd say that it depends on your comfort level. Are you comfortable in the 'less well off' areas? Are you comfortable in the nicer areas (these folks have issues as well - such as their attorneys tend to want bigger down payments when getting them under contract. And they almost ALWAYS use attorneys). If you're comfortable in both then I'd say mix them up.

Another thing you might want to consider is, where do you have the most serious buyers? Where does your most serious buyer(s) prefer to buy? Because once you get one of these babies under contract, regardless of where you buy, you will want to pull the trigger fast.

I agree you need to focus on area that will get you a buyer. If you focus on areas that will bring you lots of leads that could be because not many people wants to buy in that location. Driving around a nice town like Parsippany I know of a few properties that look worthy of an investors touch. You may want to stay in the area you know best and test your strategy.

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