Absentee Owner Leads?

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I found on my county's website, the tax assesment roll for my county broken down by township. I went through 1300 pages and found a good number of leads by comparing property address to owners address. I don't know what most of the rest of the page means. I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing now that I've wasted a good five hours doing this lol. Thanks for the help. 

If you look at the fourth one down, the "Property Location" is different from the "Current Owners Address". So... that makes the person absentee (possibly)? Now I realize that in the case of a PO Box, this might not be right but some of them the person has a street address and even a different STATE. So...good! Right?!

You are on the right track, now just be persistent. You may be able to get a list for your code enforcement about condemned properties as well. Congrats on your hard work, cause that is what this business really takes, the real (not the GURU) way

Thank you! I've been doing this for hours and then I realized "hmmmmm maybe I should make sure I'm actually doing something useful with my time". 

jade we need to continue to network cuz you are doing exactly what I did to start out with. When I got in this biz i REFUSED to sped a bunch of my hard earned money on marketing but then I understood that was the only way I was going to get any leads. So I went on the tax site like you and made my own absentee owners list. I searched in certain ar as I know are hot markets. But if you can see on there when they bought the property you want to make sure it has been at least 10yrs or more  cuz you don't wanna mail an owner who just bought last month. IMO that's just waiting your money on stamps letters ink and envelopes. But go get em girl. 

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