How to market to buyers with EQUITY

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For those of you that have had success with marketing to buyers with equity, how are you finding your lists?

I recently purchased a list from Listsource but the equity information was not available for my area and most of my calls that I have received have been sellers with either little or negative equity. In other words, poor candidates for a wholesale! 

Are there any ways to find buyers with equity besides hoping Listsource has the info or am I out of luck for my area?


You could always get your license and pull your info that way. I am able to pull 7500 names a year with my local MLS system. Maybe you could try another service perhaps? Sorry I couldn't be much help.

Thanks @Stephen Barton I'll look into that! I actually just got licensed in Mississippi and I wasn't aware that you could pull equity lists from the MLS.

Well I am not sure if you can either but you may be able to find the loan to value (ratio). I think all states are different and you will have to experiment with it. Sorry I can't help you more. There are other companies that do lists. @Kirk Gore  I think there is one called CAS and EXACTdata. To name a couple. 

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