Exclusive right-of-sale with Wholesale End Buyer?

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Hello BP, I was going through the forums and an interesting question came to mind. As an Investor/Agent, in a wholesale scenario could you enter into an exclusive right of sale agreement with the end buyer, that in any resale situation I (the investor/agent) receive commission on the back end as well as on the front? Or is that greedy?

Won't go over well.

Im confused.

Is the question if you can enter into a listing agreement with the buyer before they buy it from you?

very apologetic about the delay I had no idea it garnered a response. Thanks for the feedback. 

@jamesWise the exact opposite. Once the wholesale deal is complete. and the end buyer ( investor) has completed rehab, at that point enter into an exclusive right-of-sale with the then seller.

@wayneBrooks thanks for your response. you are somebody i study threw the forum. I appreciate your knowledge. 

Can't wait to jump into my first deal! :)

So you are first acting as an investor/wholesaler/principal (disclosing you are a licensee but not acting as one) and you flip the contract to a cashbuyer. After that buyer fixes the property and ready to flip it (assuming that they don't want to utilize another strategy) you wish to secure an exclusive right to sell contract with them as an agent? Is that what you are stating here?



@MaryB yes that's exactly my question.  Wayne says it won't go over well.. what are your thoughts? it does seem a little sticky, just was curious if it was possible. 

Also if that was the case what's the difference between listing a wholesale deal you found vs my question?

Won't fly as an agent as Mary laid it out, can't wholesale a listing to yourself really, not wholesale as it is known here.. Yes, you can list it, sell it and then get another listing from that buyer. You can't require it of the buyer, what is common is that the sales commissions are cut as an incentive to get the new listing.

If you are an agent, you'll know (or should know) why, not a good thing for a new agent to deal in a wholesale mode, ask your broker about it, my bet is they won't allow a new agent to do something like you suggested. :)

Thank you so much @Bill G. your opinion means a great deal. I've read your post and gained alot of insight. 

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