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We are lining up our documents to provide the most professional service possible to our clients.  Does anyone have a preference for an e-sign service and editor for PDF contracts? Also particular to wholesaling, do any of our seasoned wholesaler friends have tips for specific verbiage they feel is imperative to include in their contract? 

Thank you so much!!


Authentisign is the best electronic signing service I have used.  Super quick and easy.  Just click, click, click, done.

I used SignNow on my phone when I get PDFs I need to sign.

If I have a paper document, I scan it to PDF using GeniusScan and then sign using SignNow.

I use Docusign for my clients.

I think the most important thing is to figure out if you're going to be delivering these the automation.

All of the above mentioned electronics signatures are great. We use echo sign by Adobe, because it matches up with zapier, who we use for automation.

I highly recommend using a website like zapier or sweet process to do your automation. Very easy to use, and their API's work with a lot of different websites.

Thanks everyone! I will look into the options, I am familiar with docusign but was not sure if there was a benefit with them over the Adobe version.

We have our "assignment of contract" contract perfected, but I am not liking the actual purchase contract for the property between us and the seller that was suggested  -wholesaling is a different animal than what we have done in the past. Everything looks more complicated than I think it should be. Any suggestions?

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