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So I need help with getting information for probate deals. I live in Maryland and I went down to my local circuit court today to look at the current open probates. I easily found the name of the person that passed away, the Administrator and their address, but I cant find the address of the property or the name of they probate lawyer. Is there a special form its in among the rest of the forms or am I just missing it?

I guess my question is how do I find the property address so I can google map it to see its condition and look up the comps.

Thanks! Any help is appreciated. Especially from those in the Maryland area.

Usually this is listed under something like "deceased last address".

@Yoel Alemayehu I am also in Maryland and I also market to probate leads. I use the registers of wills site ( to find probate cases, then I look up the decedents name in the White Pages ( to find their address. Then I look that address up in the property records for Maryland ( to see if the property is owned by the decedent. The registers of wills site includes the probate attorney. I hope this helps. We're both in Montgomery County.  Maybe we can work together.   

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