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Can someone explain to me the meaning of wholesaling... When you are only selling one property...

Wholesale to me is when you are selling more quantities


No offense @Moh Said but you should learn to use the search function here on BP and you should utilize Google. 

You buy a property at a discount and sell it to an investor without improving the property. You mark up the price for your profit but theoretically leave enough equity for the end investor to make a profit as well.

Of course I'm leaving out details and variations but I think that's a rough outline.

Hello, I am from the New Jersey area and I am in search of a mentor who could show me how to wholesale properties.  I do have some knowledge about how wholesaling works but I would like to have a mentor to guide me through the process and to go on a couple of appointments with me.   Please contact my email if you are willing to help me in my journey in becoming a wholesaler. 

My email is [email protected]

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