Finding wholesalers in Austin and San Antonio

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Hey everyone - I'm trying to find wholesalers with properties under contract in Austin and San Antonio... and am having little luck.  I've put out ads in CL, gone through CL/Kijiji/Backpage, and ran a google search.  I've found ads/websites this way, but when I contact these people and tell them that I'm a cash buyer looking to see what they have available, I get very little response.  I don't know if they are just testing the waters or?

Anyway, anyone have any ideas on how to locate wholesalers in these two markets?

@Lara Smith

 I just went through the same process.  I found Google was relatively useless as it led me to websites where no one responds.

I did get a call after logging onto one website. I gather me being an investor did not show up or he chose to ignore it and wanted to give me MLS listings.

I am going to some networking meetings and trying to find wholesaler leads from that.

This may be a case of supply and demand.  The good wholesalers already have an established pipeline and are not advertising. The new wholesalers, and this is my assumption, did not realize there was a lot of work involved to get a wholesale business going.

I currently have a property in schertz under contract. Contact me for up to date details

Hey @Lara Smith

 I am a wholesaler here in Austin, I will PM you.