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Want a great secret to Wholesaling Real Estate Success? Wake Up Early! BAM! It is 4:45am and I am so excited this morning! Have a great day today, stay laser focused on your most important goal for today! Remember to serve the seller not the buyer! Try to understand what services you really provide the seller beyond the one liners (as is, hassle free, fast, cash, etc...), what do those really mean to the seller. listen to them, they will tell you how to close them.

What is your most important goal today?

Good Morning back at you!! Early bird gets...

Get busy.. action

Originally posted by @Bill Gulley :

Well, good morning, I've been up since 3:30 answering PMs having coffee, breakfast at 5:00. I'm usually up by 4:00 am. 

Editing, writing content and research. :) 

 HAHA! Awesome! 

My buddy recently taught me about grinding your own coffee beans and using a french press, GAME CHANGER! We love it! So glad to get away from the Keurig!


You are my kinda guy.  Thanks for that great fresh ground smell reminder and more importantly, how important to being successful, waking the sun up and not the other way around.

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