Real Estate Attorney's Willing to Work with Investors! Raleigh Area!

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I would like some references on good Real Estate Attorney's to work with on Assignment of Contracts. I know not every Attorney may do this, but really seeking a good one in the Raleigh, NC Area. 



I have a few who may be able to help you:

Andrew Cookson, Cookson Law (919) 866-0965

David Needham, Brock & Scott (919) 872-5466

Brian Brady, Brady Law Firm (919) 439-6777

All three of them are in the N.Raleigh area.


@Shelly Smith nc is an attorney state and from my understanding only attorneys can close real estate deals. Also in addition to the attorneys provided I would add : Norm Praet office also he handles pretty much all types of creative real estate deals feel free to reach out if I can be of any help Shelly