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I'm having a hard time finding a title company that will do assignments and double closings in the Grand Rapids area. They are all very hesitant. 

Anyone already doing this in the area?

Anyone have a recommendation??

Hi @Rachel Dey ,

Do you have a signed contract for a home, and a buyer?  Your paperwork will all need to be in order, and then you shouldn't have problems.  I've closed similar deals with several title companies in Grand Rapids/Kalamzoo without issue.  You will need:

1. Sale Contract
2. Assignment Contract
3. All necessary disclosures/additional forms

You can submit all of this to the title company, and explain that the end buyer (detailed in the assignment contract) will be purchasing the home.  Usually, the buyer actually will submit it, since they often choose the title company.  I have never needed to line up a specific title company in advance.

Feel free to call or email if you have more questions!