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Hey guys, looking for my first deal, and so far I have read and listened to as much education as I can, but I can't help but notice there's a gap in topics that talk more about the practical side of things, here's a few questions I have:

Where does one obtain a sample contract to purchase the house?

What about a sample assignment contract for when I sell it.

How does one show a house to buyers when one doesn't technically own the property?

What does one say to buyers about the status of the house? Do you tell them that you have a contract to buy it? Do you tell them what price you're paying?

How do you balance telling the seller that you will close fast, and yet have to also alert the seller that you're showing the house to potential investors?

Seems like there is a lot of tight rope walking. If someone would be kind enough to walk me through a sample transaction, that would be much appreciated! Thanks!!


It seems that you still have a lot of reading, learning to do. I'm guessing you haven't listened to the Podcasts, blogs, or downloaded the free materials here on BP and other sites, or gone to some REIA's. Keep asking questions but most of the answers will be found in the above.

Good luck

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