*****Marketing yard signs*******

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Is this a great way to market so a newbie with a little budget ??? If so which sign shall I go with ?

12"x18" is small. People attach those to telephone poles. Please don't do that to the good people of Hampton, VA. In areas where bandit signs are not prohibited, our guys use a 18"x24" stand-alone sign which they put out on Fridays and pick up on Sundays. So, be sure to check and follow your laws, and be a good responsible neighbor if you use those signs. A lot of people HATE those things so be prepared to have them removed and disposed of. But, do they work? Yes, they can generate inexpensive leads and some of those leads can pan out.

Thanks for the response @Dev Horn , how can I market well with those signs and what can I say when the phone starts to ring? I just emailed the website and asked to make them 18x24

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