Located Vacant Home, Now What?

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Situation:  I have spotted a vacant home in my neighborhood. 4/2 3988 sq. ft. built in 2005 in a nice neighborhood with comparable homes on same street. Only about 4-6 properties in the entire neighborhood of about 50+ homes are for sale.

Actions: I have asked the neighbor of the vacant home about the owner and he said he took off. I have checked the mailbox of the home and the mailbox says "Do no put mail in here --Vacant." I know the owners name because I have checked the county website for tax information but his mailing address is the vacant home address (owes the county tax money). There is no mobile number information provided.

Location: South Texas

Is there anything I can do, that I haven't already, to try to communicate with this owner? Would someone be able to provide a current address or phone number or is that personal information that will never be given to someone else? Am I just going to have to wait and see if this property ever goes into foreclosure for tax/mortgage purposes? 

Thank you for reading and responding, have a great day.

Sean R.    South Texas

@Sean Romero

Just PM me the address and I'll let you know what I find.  LOL.

Seriously, since you mentioned late taxes, check the court records to see if they are suing yet.  If so, you can check those records to see where they are service the notices.  Some counties are better than others at trying to track the owner to ensure notice is given.

Thanks Roy. I checked up on your website; do you purchase at action mostly? If not, how do you recommend contacting these tax sale leads before the auction date approaches? I appreciate the fast response, and I will contact the tax office to see if they can give me more information.

Their are sites where you can search someone's name and get a phone number and other info. The thing is many numbers pop up so you have to go through each number until you get to the right one. Good luck!