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I have found a few contracts on here but am not sure about how to go about this.

My wife and I are in Fort Worth, have done a ton of reading and research, have found 2 properties we want to put under contract and are ready to pull the trigger but we want to make sure we get this last step right.

Can we use a standard 1 to 4 and assign it then use an assignment contract from BP forums or should we be doing something different?

Please help! Time is of the essence of course

Justin, if you're in Ft. Worth, Texas, I suggest you use the TREC purchase contract! Might start looking into local requirements before you start pulling triggers on guru strategies. Good Luck :)

Yah. Totally not into guru strategies. We want this to be correct lol.

So I was thinking about using my TREC 1 to 4 family (standard) contract and assigning it then using an assignment contract I found here.

Hi Justin, I suggest using the TREC purchase contract and maybe even contacting a a  Real Estate Attorney just to be sure that you are protected especially if you are placing the properties under contract in your name. Best of luck to you and welcome to BP. 

1-4 Standard TREC to contract

TREC Amendment to Contract can be used for Assignments 

You may check with your broker as well, to see if they

have a preference.

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