An Attorney For Wholesale Investors

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I am working on building my team for wholesale investing. When it comes to qualifying an attorney to work with, what type of questions should I ask him/her to insure they are going to give me what I need? I myself am not sure yet exactly what I need from them.  Can anyone give me a little guidance?  It would be much appreciated.  Thank You 

Which comes first the chicken or the egg?

If you don't know what you need an attorney for it is going to be hard to pick one that will meet your needs. The answer might be simply to wait until you need one. Then  you can find one that specializes in the issue you have. 

I work with many attorneys; a tax sale attorney, a couple different general real estate attorneys, a tenant landlord attorney, a bulldog litigator and several title company attorneys. Build your network of active investors. The real players in town will know what attorneys to use when the time comes.

PS I highly recommend Nolo Press books for self help legal info. Their website is excellent. While i am not suggesting you do your own legal work, it is a good idea to understand the law before talking to an attorney.

Thanks very much Ned for the input, and I am familiar with Nolo's website

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