Just starting, and starting young! (20)

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Alright so i've been reading tons of forums on here and decided to post one and see how it goes! 

I'm currently starting out with my dad as we have both been reading up and learning from Ron legrands Programs. So far i have sent out a little over 600 yellow letters (mainly to absentee) and haven't gotten the responce rate i was hoping for :/  ( also doing a couple bandit signs, And soon going to start posting ads on craigslits or other real estate sites ) 

But i know once i get a deal it'll be a snow ball effect. I almost had a very nice deal but once i got to scan the house for myself the owner lied about A LOT of the repairs so i backed out, I still have that fear of being on the phone too ( i know confidence will come in practice!) 

and its been almost a month so now im starting to send out postcards to houses that i have already sent to, just to let them know i am serious. 

Some might be wondering what the point of this post is, but venting to a community like this is actually really helpful!! 

Also I guess i do have a couple scattered questions, such as how can i work on a buyers list without having a property on hand (i am going to start going to an rei club as well ) AND if your an investor in Texas Maybe we can network :) 

Ill keep this post as a journal for when i do get my first deal under contract 

How did you get over the phone call nerves? 

RANT OVER (sorry about the scatter brain but any input would be awesome :) 

@Leah Bonner, welcome to BiggerPockets.

The local REI club is a great place to start networking with local investors. BiggerPockets has unofficial meetups in most areas, so do a search on the site to find one near you. I just went to one last night and it is so inspiring to be around like-minded people. In my real life, most of my friends know I "do real estate" but they don't have any interest in talking about it, brainstorming ideas, etc.

Unfortunately, you will find that people misrepresent the truth. Not everyone is outright lying - some just don't know the whole story. Look at that - you learned a lesson without losing any money. ALWAYS PUT EYEBALLS ON THE HOUSE!!!

Lots of people buy sight-unseen, but I don't do that. I want to know what I am getting in to.

Good luck. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your first deal!

How did you get over the phone call nerves? tell yourself you can do it.... you are here to solve a problem....

By calling sellers almost every day..eventually you will get the hang of it..just hang in there and keep at it ...everything will fall in place.. you are in a learning process..test what works for you and what doesn't work... good luck!!!!

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