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Hi folks, thanks for reading this post. Just a quick question regarding bandit signs. I live in an area where I never see bandit signs except for one big billboard say "We buy houses" near the freeway (It looks like an LLC company). My question is how do I know if this is a good market to put out signs and wholesale deals? I've read that anywhere is a good place to start, it doesn't matter what area you are in. The housing prices here in Northern California are 350-600k. I've also read that 25 signs equals one lead. Is this correct in your experience? Just do it right? I'm going out tomorrow to put out signs, wish me luck!

Bandit signs are "technically" illegal in most places, so the 1st thing you might want to do is check out how strict they are about them in your area.  If you never see bandit signs posted around your area, there's a good chance that you really might not want to do it.  It could end up being a very costly lesson if fines start being assessed.  

Thanks @jamesstevens for your advice!  I didn't think about getting fined potentially wow! I will check with the city and see what they say. Next step, direct mail?

I actually do use bandit signs a little around my area, but driving for dollars and direct mail are two other great options.  The thing I love most about driving for dollars is that you get to know the neighborhoods better in the process, too.

you never know anything in this business until you try it. It will either work or it won't and you'll make the adjustment. Don't take this the wrong way. It can be misinterpreted in writing rather hearing me say it. Your not making any money writing about bandit signs. Make them, throw them up, then write a post on how they worked or didn't. Biggest thing in this game is pulling the trigger. 

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