How to wholesale a deal hundreds of miles away

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Has anyone had success wholesaling deals that are outside their state? I live in Southern California, and have a motivated seller in Henry, VA. She wants to sell pretty quickly but I dont want to screw this up. Any suggestions?

@Hashmat Amin

I have never tried that myself, but I would recommend seeing if you can find any active investors in that area on this website.  If you do, you can try to work out some kind of profit sharing agreement. 

You need a lawyer (to look over your contracts), a title company (investor-friendly of course), and boots on the ground to see the properties. We are buying in 4 different states but located in one central location. If this person is motivated right now and needs to sell, then I concur with @Cornelius Charles , and get on the phone and start calling investors in that area to see if you can JV. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Thanks for the valuable input.

I wholesaled a house in Orange County while on vacation in India so yours shouldn't be very difficult. You can email her a contract that she can print out, sign and take to an escrow company you pick out or you can overnight her a contract and include a prepaid envelope with escrow's address on it that she can put the contract in and mail off to them.

I never look at anything I wholesale.. unless I'm forced or coerced to see so doing it out of state shouldn't be any different.

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