I am looking to form some partner ships with Wholesalers

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I am trying to build a large wholesaling network If anyone is interested Post a little about yourself. I am willing to work with and teach people. I am about to hit the ground full time wholesaling and I know no one gets anywhere alone.

I'm Jordan i need p with wholesaling finding title companies and filling out the contracts

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Honest answer to finding a title company is call everyone in your area and ask if the they are familiar with assignment of contracts and double closings.

I am an wholesaler from Memphis and I have been actually looking into a couple Texas markets to possible Co-Wholesale and virtually wholesale with other investors, to create  a win-win solutions for both investors. 

Hi, i'm Gerald from North Carolina,and i wholesale,i was considering doing some virtual wholesaling in Texas and partner up with some one.

my name is Everett Marshall. I kno the Dallas market and my best friend is a real estate agent in the dfw. Would love to team with someone. I have a buyer

I'm about to make some offers on vacant properties with absentee owners in Memphis, though I live in Los Angeles.

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