Will wholesalers foster new investors, future frequent buyers?

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Hi all,

I intend to buy more properties as my portfolio and incomes allow.  I've recently found a job that has and will provide me with seed money and am now beginning to look for my second property.  I'm confident I'm able to flip, as I've managed construction and have been drafting plans for over a decade, but am currently looking for something to hold.  I may not buy another one for a while, but in time, I'd like to build a rapport and foster a relationship.  Someone who knows I'm interested, send me product, and understand I will pick something up when I can make it work.  A "Supply-side" economics model, in a way.  Show me what's available and in time I will learn what I can work with and what I can't, building my business along the way.

Am I worthy of access to a wholesaler's list?  Or are they mostly interested in agents, who then feed the deals to the investors?  If it's the latter, I'd be happy to put a wholesaler in touch with my agent, who is also an investor/broker/attorney.

Thanks for the help BP!

It really just depends. You can get on wholesalers list all day. There is no worthy, or not worthy. It just becomes a priority of who they shop their deals to. You'll be fine as long as you're honest about your intentions. Good wholesalers send their properties to their golden 5. If they don't buy, then it hits their spread list. Any wholesaler who's been interviewed on BP podcasts, it's their thing. Why break something that works? 

So be different!

Train new wholesalers to look for your next deal. Read about Ryan Webbers strategies, J Scott does this too. If you train every new guy what to look for, who do you think they're going to bring it to. You're not ready to take on another deal, that's ok send it to a friend or connect the wholesaler. 9/10 that guy is gonna go to you again first, why? Because you gave that person a chance when others just laugh. 

Just food for thought. 

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