End Cash Buyers

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Okay so i have read and read .... and read!!!! and it seems to me that the most effective and reliable way to get cash buyers is through basically just finding innverstors/developers... and then communicating with them to find them deals for both parties to make a profit? now to me this seems like the easiest idea ?

Or am i a complete idiot who needs to reconsider my existence?

My opinion...concentrate on getting your deals. If it's a good deal your buyers will come and you will quickly have a buyers list. You don't need a big buyer's list to be a good wholesaler.

Get your product to sell first...then your buyers will come. It will take more work at first, putting ads on Craigslist, putting out street signs, etc. But as your buyers list grows you will be able to sell a house with just a text or an email to your buyers list.

Now...that's only my opinion so no need to question your existence... ;)