Contract Assignment Question

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Good Morning Amazing People! I have a question. I have my first wholesale property under contract and now it is time for me to complete the Assignment form, which I understand. So, my questions are:

1. Does the Buyer's Attorney only get a copy of the Assignment Contract and the Seller signed copy of the Buyer's Offer to Purchase?

2. Do I then provide a copy of both Offer to Purchase Contracts and the Assignment Contract to my Attorney?

3. Does the Buyer close first and then the Seller close last?

Thank you in adavance for your responses. 

I send my attorney(one who knows what I'm doing and is in on everything) the purchase contract and the adsigent contract. I only give the seller their copy of the original purchase contract I signed with them. 

I think I answered this above. 

Yes. The buyer pays up and the attorney passes that money to the seller at their price. They write you a check for what's left. 

Hope that helps.