Wholesaling - Sale/Purchase Contract

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Hey guys,

I found a simple, yet detailed one page sale & purchase contract in the FilePlace that I plan on using for a wholesale deal. It has clauses for the following:

-No Judgements
-Inspections (I added 10 days for the inspection period)
-other agreements (sold as-is)
-time is of the essence
-License (buyer does not have a RE license)

Now do any of you use this same contract? I'm just asking because it's only one page and don't want to miss anything. I'm not too worried about the Assignment of Contract, that's pretty self explanatory and seems to cover everything. Any advice would be greatly appreciated


I haven't used it, but from what it sounds like I use a similar contract. This is not any legal information but be sure not to have too many contingency clauses, some sellers won't like it as much and may not take you as serious, but other than good luck on your real estate journey :)