Beginner to wholesaling tampa fl

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How's it going. 

Starting out my real estate career with wholesaling. I've watched many videos, been to few seminars, Even watched the webinar last night. I have a very small buyer list. I understand the concept of wholesaling. What I wanted more insight on the process you go through with the Real estate lawyer and/or title company? Also when it comes to your purchase agreement and  the assignment of contract, what clauses are needed if you can not find a buyer? Any advise will be of Great help. Thank you!!!!

@Michael Kidd welcome to BP!  One idea you may want to consider is going to meetups around town.  Network with different wholesalers and have in mind some you'd trust. When you find a good deal bring it to another wholesaler to joint venture and split 50/50.  This will allow you to learn from the experience while making $$.  You can even use the experienced wholesaler's contract so you do not have to be concerned with everything at first.  Taking action  before analyst paralysis happens!