Automatic voicemail?

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I recently saw on a post someone talking about they use an app which you can call a number and it will automatically send a voicemail to there mailbox

I found that app and ive gotten lists of absentee/divorce from my county record and the numbers from yellow pages, but what should i say on the voicemail if im trying to either wholesale or buy with terms for them to call back to?? with out sounding to much like an invesor part of the post said something around the lines of "Hello you dont know me but .." and goes on about getting to know if they want to sell there house 

Any advice would helps. Thanks Y'all :)

Google voice will record a message and send you an e-mail with a link from which you can play the message as an audio file. Just set the number to "Do Not Disturb" and it will go directly to voice mail instead of "ringing".

Does that help?

There are a few services that offer this. I will warn you though... Be VERY careful. Read the FTC guidelines with regards to robo dialing, Vm spamming, and DNC lists. The fines get very expensive very quickly. 

@David Dachtera

The service bypasses the persons phone ringing and just dumps a message into their VM. I believe it only works with cellphones. It basically lets someone cold call without getting hung up on ten thousand times.

Oh, I thought the OP was asking about the phone system recording callers' voice messages and e-mailing them to her, like Cisco Unity Messaging does.

@ryan D. 
yeah im sure there are many rules to that didnt think of that one! 

I really hope its not just cell, haha yellow pages just gives the land line -_-  

@David Dachtera thats a good app too, but i meant the other persons phone would go to voicemail so they way they think they missed it and the motivated or curious people will call back But i think my whole idea got shot down if its just cell phones haha, ill have to still give it a shot on my landline. 

Um, well, be careful that whatever you're planning doesn't somehow run afoul of "Do Not Call" or any of its other provisions.