My first Multi Family Wholesale

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I will be getting an multi family unit under contract in two weeks my first. What I'm understanding it's the same process as single family home wholesaling. I don't want to generate any income or hold the property I just want to move it and get my fee. Can anyone give me any pointers or insight when wholesaling multi family properties

I was wondering the same question.  I know that the main concern is going to be cashflow,cap rate.  The cash buyer is going to want a discount.  My question is if the 70 percent rule works in your area, should that still be the rule.  If not what kind of discount would a cash buyer want for small multi family houses 1-4.  I live in Rhode Island.  In the Providence county area.  In there seem to be nothing but these units here.  Whats a good cap rate for a cash purchase small mulit family.  Im interested in any responses from the community. 

I can't speak for your specific area as cap rates are location specific. But if you were in my area, I would buy at 9+ cap, assuming only minimal cosmetic repairs (rent ready), and it is not in in a bad area. 

So you would figure out ARV based on your area's cap rate, then subtract repair estimates, to get the maximum your investor would pay.