Assignment Contracts

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Hello, I'm a real estate investor here in Virginia. I have a question concerning the closing process with an end buyers title company. My end buyer wants me to send him my purchase and sale agreement and my assignment contract. Can I sign my assignment contract prior to emailing him this information or should I send this paperwork straight to his closing attorney? This is my first deal, so not quite sure how the closing process works.

@Greg Smith You can send it straight to end buyer. No worries if you have a valid purchase contract with seller. I send end buyer a copy of purchase contract along with assignment contract. I would follow up with the title company in a couple days to make sure everything is going as planned. You also need to give sellers info to title company in order to coordinate ideal closing date, time, and location for all parties involved.

Hope this helps!


E. Harris

@Greg Smith I'm a new investor in Virginia  as well. It seem like you found an investor friendly title or escrow company. Can you send me the name of the company you are using ? I can't  seem to find a company who wants to work with wholesalers.