Driving for Dollars

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Graduating now from college and have been working on getting the wholesaling business up such as: bandit signs, website, logo, business cards and all that. I wanted to attempt driving for dollars to find motivated sellers but wanted to know what to do after I find distressed properties? I know how to find out who the owners are, but is there any to find contact information such as phone number or email address ?

Tax records will show who the owner is. Public records online

Finding them is the hard part. Google "Skip Tracing " or "people search".  A ton of sites will come up. This is a combination of your own detective work, talking to neighbors etc. and the information you can gather online. 

Expect to pay for an online search. If the deal look good enough you can even pay a private detective.

Yes I pay for the information. Unless they are easy to find you are not going to find them without paying something. My most profitable deal ever, was from an owner that I found his phone number on a service I subscribe to. 

When you Google, Virtually all the free sites that come up simply refer you to a pay site. Some sites have a one day pass and you can group your searches in one day.