SWFLA Wholesalers - I have tons of buyers

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Looking to get involved with more wholesalers to do more sales volume on or off market.

I use a highly effective combination of networking, advertising, and marketing and have thousands of buyers for the SWFL market. I can help turn over inventory as fast as possible.

Hello Adam!

I have a lot of home owner buyers that I refer to as "end users" in my database, plus I have investor buyers looking to rehab.

Single family homes are a hotter product due to the requirements of banks to be more lenient about granting loan pre-approvals over condos/multi family.

Compensation would vary based on if you are looking to sell on market or off market, and for off market, it depends on price. We can get into specifics if you would like to have a phone discussion. I like to incentivize the people who I collaborate with on a very loyal level. The more business we do together, the more money I can save you.

Hope this helps and Happy Holidays!