Probate court

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hey bp, so i was curious if anyone has experience doing probate court sit ins? in other words just sitting in the court room and listening to a hearing regarding probate settlement? is this a good source of lead generation?


Put on some nice slacks, sport coast and shirt with a collar.

Just sit quietly and watch and listen. Better than TV (and sometimes there are multiple channels, like downtown LA Superiot court).

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There's a seller whose properties never went through probate.  Mom and dad passed away without a clear will and there are several siblings.  The seller wants to dispose of the properties--a headache--and the siblings want to sell as well.  What are the steps required for the seller I'm working with to get a clear title?  About how much should this cost in attorney fees?  Are federal/state taxes due as a result of the title transfer?  Just trying to understand if I should even get involved in this.  I was thinking to to work with the seller and get the properties under contract and then wholesale them.  They're both rented and in good shape with some recent improvements.

Whether it is a good idea to directly approach a lawyer in open court like that depends entirely on local culture. It isn't something that is necessarily unpermitted, but many attorneys in at least some areas will probably trash the business card. Your better bets are in smaller counties and with younger attorneys looking to build a book of business. 

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@Matthew Kreitzer what would interest an attorney to bring leads? I have thrown around ideas such as offering $1000 as a referral fee upon closing. Would something like that interest you? (From an attorneys viewpoint)

 I would personally decline referral fees. Attorneys can get in deep trouble with that kind of stuff. A more mutually beneficial arrangement would probably just involve telling your friends and coworkers about how awesome of a person I am. (I am speaking in the Royal I to represent all attorneys.) Just be friendly, introduce yourself, and say you're a local business person looking to network. Most attorneys, probably 60%, would be willing to entertain you.