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Hello, my name is Maverick Hamilton. I am part of a new company called Mavseph Investments. I was hoping i could ask for some help. My partner and I have found a house we want to fix and flip. However, we lack the funds to do so. Is there any advice on to use other people's money as I heard before?


Short answer, YES. Private cash investors who just want high rate of returns.  Its all about creating relationships with like minded people.  You may very well find them on this forum.  If you know how to structure a secured agreement so all parties are protected you should be golden provided there is a high enough rate of return.

Jim Sakalis

you would be best served to have some cash to put into the deal.. hard to find 100% funders

The first thing I would do is complete your profile on BP.In order to attract investors you need to tell your story your skills goals etc.after that you need to post numbers on the property you are proposing to flip.Bees are attracted by honey investors by money.good luck

Hey @Maverick Hamilton I have found that some credit unions are a great source for money.  Because many credit unions are portfolio lenders, which means they manage their own loans you have a better chance of getting accepted.  Good luck.  

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