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I am new to bigger pockets and also new to the real estate world and am flat BROKE. I've heard wholesaling is the best way to begin this journey, I've read on recent posts wholesaling is mainly about marketing so I created business cards but am curious about other ways to get my name out in this field, any suggestions? also I'm a tad bit nervous on the process of closing a wholesaling deal once it begins, could anybody give me a step by step process of how the deal goes? 

Hi @Antonio Ferreira

Have you read through  The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Wholesaling? It breaks it down better than I can in a forum post. Let me know if you have any questions after. Happy to help.

Also as a small word of caution - wholesaling is a simple concept, but not usually easy. If you're willing to put in the work you'll find a deal, but don't be discouraged if it doesn't happen in one afternoon. The ones that last and make money are those who put in the work, build trust with buyers through maintaining integrity in their transactions, and create systems for the different stages to help them do more in less time. All the best!

Wholesaler,s use scouts whom are called birddog's.,you can make fairly good money dong this . I would suggest finding a local wholesaler and ask to be hired in an entry level position with a birddog arrangement

@Antonio Ferreira I am not going to go into the steps to complete a successful wholesale deal. There is a ton of info right here on BiggerPockets!

What I will say is learn your market! Educate yourself on what's selling and what's not. Why is it selling? What streets are great buys and what street to avoid.

For example my market there a ton of houses on post and pier foundation and a ton on old redwood septic systems. It's not a big deal if you have a good idea going in.

And most important! Be patient!!!!! Real estate like any other business in the world is built over years! Not weeks or months!!! Be in it for the long haul! Learn to love the process of building a business! Take action but have an incredible amount of patience!

To your success bud!!!!


Keep this in mind. You can find 10 great deals, but if you have no buyers, you have no business. Build up a buyers list. Don't wait. The deals are out there and yes, it takes work to find them. But what happens if you find them and have no one to sell them to? Start with maybe hooking up with other wholesalers in your area. All of the comments so far, are right on the money. Just don't get discouraged. If you can become a successful wholesaler, you can probably do anything! Best of luck to you. 

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