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Came across a lead for a tiny home in Brazoria county. Seller is motivated to sell, but I haven't the slightest idea how to assist this family. I normally wholesale, but there isn't much literature on the subject. Home has full kitchen, full bath with shower. Huge upstairs with bed and closet already to go. Has a second loft space over living room. Has water heater tankless for hot water. Actually has a flushing toilet and washer dryer. As well as RV hook ups and storage tank for off grid. doesn't have solar panels but is wired for plug in electrical. All this packed inside an 8X25 space. I was able to find out it is street legal to pull as an RV without a special license.

Anyone familiar with working with tiny homes? The lead is yours just let me learn!!

So this is property similar to a manufactured home? Is it on it's own lot, or rented land? It just sounds like a nice, trendy mobile home to me.

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There are a bunch of Facebook groups on the topic where you can read about THOWs (tiny homes on wheels) and ask questions. Standard grade tiny typically sells for $30k - $50k though many people build their own. It's harder to insure a tiny house if it wasn't manufactured by a company that builds and certifies to RV standards. 

They're super trendy but the problem is they're illegal to live in outside of Fresno CA and Spur TX.  

If you're near Spur and you can get a killer deal, then maybe you could buy and hold and rent it out, but I'm not sure why anyone would move to Spur to RENT someone else's tiny. 

You could get it in contract with ways to back out, and then put a Craigslist ad up to see how much you could sell it for. But the legality of tinies is a gray area right now, which some tiny enthusiasts have recently and regrettably discovered after spending what amounts to a down payment on a SFR on the west coast on a tiny they can't find a place to legally park.

If you can get a really amazing deal and you know it's well built and has never had any problems, you could maybe wholesale it and make some money, but the sellers probably know a lot more about the house's value and marketability than you do right now and, if they wanted to and could sell it for their asking price, would have presumably done so already.

Account Closed This is for sure a learning experience.

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Don't be afraid to find the deal where others back out. Don't believe everything you hear on this platform either.  Have vision and do your homework. Oh yeah...IBC is including Tiny Houses in the 2018 edition. Be part of the movement and help educate your local city planners and be proactive. That is, if you are interested. I challenged cities in 2012 when they were freaking out about AirBnB and had the news come to my house to interview me over it. Its happening. People want them and they don't want to put them in trailer parks. Some cities allow one on a parcel that another living structure already exists on.  Good Luck.

I would offer them a tiny, "I'm not interested." And go find a deal with some profit in it.

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