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Hello bigger pocket members,

I am having a hard time find deals for fix and flips in denver. Are there any whole sellers out there? Whole sellers that have a list of homes under the current market value.


Denver is a bloodbath for people trying to find deals; it has been for some time, and will be for the foreseeable future. I highly doubt you'll find a wholesaler here with a "list of homes." Deals move within 24 hours to people the wholesalers already have a relationship with. The "deals" I've found outside of my wholesaler team I trust have been garbage, 100% of them. 

Your best bet is to find your own deals or move to another market. Seriously. 

well on the positive side there are deals to b had...just takes leg work and effort.  Matt is right that deals move fast but if you do your homework, get financing/hardmoney lending in place, then there are definitely opportunities out there.

good luck

Tori Hall Hey tori I am a wholesaler here in the Denver and surrounding areas. I would love to add you to my list. I'll shoot you a colleague request or reply with your email as well and I'll keep in touch!

Hey @Tori Hall and @Matt M. ,

I'm doing acquisitions for a local wholesaler and we have new deals just about every week.  I can send you updates or get you in touch with them if you're still looking.  Let me know.

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