Sheriff Sale Marketing?

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Good Afternoon Bp. I hoping to get some help from anyone who has done a sheriff sale marketing campaign. I had a question about yellow letters/postcards for this marketing strategy, if anyone has any experience with this. If you have any experience doing this in the Philadelphia area that would be big help as well, but all advice would be appreciated.

Originally posted by @Alfred Clarke Jr :

Marketing to the owners with property in the sheriff sale to get them to sell with me before it goes to auction.

My suggestion: Personalize EVERY letter, so they can see that you are interested in THEIR specific property. Otherwise, you might as well just send off pro forma letters to everyone!

And will you ALREADY know how much they owe? Are you prepared to put in THAT effort? 

ie. if you DON'T know what's owed, you'll be largely wasting your time anyway, and your odds of success won't be ANY better than those blanket campaigns you seem bent on avoiding! Cheers...