How Can I Find Cash Investors in My Area?

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Any tips on how to find cash investor and wholesalers to network with.

Looking to Nework


I think you should do a search for old threads on this topic. It has definitely been answered many times before. Good luck!

Run an ad on Craigslist that says:

"Handyman special! CASH buyers only! $125,000
Call 123-4567"

This will get your phone ringing!

Did you try to use the search feature here at BP? This has been asked many times already, and answered many times too.

Or, you can just try reading some of the "Related Discussions" at the bottom of this page for starters.

Visit Steph's blog (She's a contributor here on BP):

I think she addressed this question either in a video or a blog post, I can't remember. I highly recommend her site if you're looking to get started in wholesaling. Hope that helps!

Chloroplast signs get the job done every single time. Many people take for granted how power they are. Get them signs up as high as you can (you better not be using a ladder!) and put out plenty.

I recommend writing your sign as such “ 3 bed 2 bath $27,450 and your phone number.� Use a blank white or yellow 18X24 inch sign in black writing.

I hope this helps,


Go to your local reia and ask around it’s a start.

Brian Haskins

If you have MLS access, search for cash sales. Use the secretary of state website for the company name and you can usually get a contact name.

Do a Google search for "We Buy Houses" in your city and you'll find a crap load of 'em.

post bandit signs and attend networking events.

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