Marketing for Wholesale Deals/ Motivated Sellers!?

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Hello everyone, My name is Dylan. I am 18 years old living in Seattle, WA. Fairly new to my Real Estate Investing Journey, but I am choosing to begin with Wholesaling. I have been a entrepreneur my whole life and I am choosing Real Estate to be my profession. 

I am looking to get some insite from some people who are currently active Wholesalers who are making deals, or have worked with Wholesalers on some transactions. And how you have gotten those deals. Or how you've been of monetary value to other investors. 

Right now to market for my Wholesale deals I am 

1. Working with a realtor making 1-2 strategic offers daily.

2. Finishing up my website and marketing for motivated sellers through SEO and Facebook ads. 

3. Driving for dollars.

4. Next looking to start with Foreclosures or Probate Properties. 

I would love to be able to hear from some of you what you guys are doing to acquire your Wholesale deals. 

Thanks so much for the help!!


Hi Dylan,

I used to wholesale for years and have recently started new investment ventures. I think being so young and starting in this business gives you the advantage of time. The number 1 thing you should start with is meeting as many people in the business as you can. Rule of thumb is that it is who you know then what you know. Find you a realtor in your market that understands the investment side, then meet with investors at your local REA. From those two connections start keeping your ears out for sellers. Bring the realtor or investor to your meetings with sellers and learn how to speak with the sellers so that their goals will match your investors. Once you figure out how to make everyone in the transaction happy that is where you will build in your value.

Good luck out there!!

Welcome to BP! It sounds like you're off to a great start.  

I wholeheartedly agree with @Anton Watt . Meeting other like minded real estate investors is just as important. When you go to these REI meetings look for people that have been in the industry for a while, and simply introduce yourself. It also helps to get in touch with other wholesalers locally. Most of the time they're willing to share what works, and what doesn't in your area.

Thanks for the help Anton & Luis, that was one thing I had forgotten to mention. 

I have also been attending REAPS and investor meetings, and will be attending REI very soon. Also I have been working with another local wholesaler to learn from and just been in contact with. But I will continue to be expanding my network.

Thanks for the help, I always have open ears to be able to learn.