Wholesaling Rented Mobile Home Spaces Help

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I received a phone call from one of my direct mailers from a seller that doesnt want to sell the property that I mailed him on, but he does want to sell five rented mobile home spaces that he has.

I have no clue on wholesaling a mobile home space as all of my experience has just been on wholesaling houses.

These are in Burleson, TX.

Any and all help is appreciated



I've done mobile homes.  Generally speaking, the deal is basically the same.  However, in your case it sounds like they only home the mobile home.  Not the land/space that it occupies. Find out how much the rent is and for how long.  When you have that info start marketing.  Inform your buyer about the lot/space rental details.

@Roland Paicely  He currently owns the spaces and not mobile homes and is wanting to sell the spaces. The spaces are currently occupied and rented on M2M leases. I presume by the mobile home owners.

I must have assumed that he owned the mobile homes.  Sorry about that.  I haven't done a deal where the owner is selling the spaces.  However, I'd approach it as though it was an apartment or something similar.  Evaluate the income for each space.  How long has the tenant rented.  How long is the agreement.  This sounds like a deal where someone is interested in cash flow.  The owner should have some sort of income statement that lists expenses, income and profit.

Once you have those answers go market that bad boy.

Also, find out why is the owner selling.

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