new investor in pittsburgh PA

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My name is Rafi, an investor from Israel

I would like to start investing in Pittsburgh PA

Who can help me with information about the best and least good neighborhoods?


Quality schools?

Where do the working class live and above?

Many thanks in advance

Rafi Hagag.

@Rafi Hagag Look up people that are in Pittsburgh that post a lot on here. 

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@Rafi Hagag   try reaching out to some of the local real estate groups. PM me for some of their details and when they meet. if you are planning to come here to invest I would suggest making a trip out here first and getting to know the area and neighborhoods. I have seen too many out of the area investors make major mistakes by not have a good team to surround them here. 

Hi @Rafi Hagag

There are a number of people here and in the community that can help you. 

I also recommend for a basic data search. You can get some statistics for areas. It's not fantastic because it's hard to learn about the micro markets (which part of a larger neighborhood is the nicer part), but you'll get a good overview. 

They also rank schools and you'll find other places that do the same. 

Best of luck!

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